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On Wednesday night, June 26th, the four LAdies (yes!) of the bridge program went to the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball game against the San Francisco Giants. We went to the game with our program directors Brittany, Jen, Adam, and J, as well as a bunch of J’s friends, Braelinn’s boyfriend Nick, and Brittany’s father too. As soon as we got to the game Justine, Sarah, and I bought LA Dodger baseball hats so that we could fit in with the crowd. One of the highlights of my night was being able to talk with Brittany’s dad about what it was like growing up in California. His demeanor was so welcoming and I learned a lot about the Dodgers that night thanks to him. Once the game got started I ordered my Dodger Dog and went to sit in my seat along with everyone else. From that point on there was a lot of cotton candy, cheering, participating in the wave, discarding peanut shells all over the ground, and laughing at the different things going on all around us. Another highlight was seeing two Elon undergrads on the Kiss Cam, watching the guy try and go in for it just for fun, and seeing him get denied by the Elon girl. It was entertaining to say the least! I am really glad I participated in this Elon Event and I can’t wait to go back again soon with some of my other friends living in Los Angeles.

Me in my new hat right by our seats at the Dodgers game on 6/26/13

Me in my new hat right by our seats at the Dodgers game on 6/26/13